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Drive Asset Flows with Mobile Gen Investors

Connecting Portfolio Managers to both investors and advisors through precision targeting at the exact moment of interest. Asset Managers gain direct and timely insight into investor trends and preferences.

Raise awareness

Efficiently navigate fragmented and crowded channels in order to connect with both investors and advisors, build product awareness and drive fund inflows.

Build consideration

Improve consideration via product alignment through leveraging our technology to precisely target at the exact moment of interest.

Drive conversion

Conversion doesn’t happen overnight. AIDVP's community based approach to investing can better engage and drive the right investors to you.

Explore new opportunities

Partner with AIDVP and together fuel organic growth by bringing more innovation and competitive advantages to the end users.

One step ahead

Helping you find the right investors

Passionate about helping portfolio managers finding the right new gen investors.

Years of Operation

Our team have been running well about 4 years and keep going.

Positive Feedback

Our team have received many positive feedbacks.

Have Masters or PhD

Most of our users are engineers, IT professionals, doctors, and lawyers.

Special Guest

Why us?

We can help you build market and brand awareness in your thematic category and secure prominent and contextually relevant placement of your fund in advisor proposals with targeted digital marketing to precisely target at the exact moment of interest.

We help portfolio managers to build and expand their services to next Gen investors.