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AIDVP rethinking investment research behind its QuiverTrees app

Boston, Massachusetts, February 1, 2022 – As AIDVP onboards its 1000th QuiverTrees user, the AIDVP team believes the sky’s the limit as they look to make investment research as mainstream as investing itself.

“Wise spending is part of wise investing.And it’s never too late to start.”

Rhonda Katz

Now in its fifth year, AIDVP, named after the company’s foundational investment philosophy, AI Defensive Value Process, is taking aim at how average investors should go about finding investment opportunities by making tried and true research processes commonly used by financial institutions accessible to casual and professional investors alike.

Humble Beginning

AIDVP’s journey started in May 2017 with an alternative data-driven ratios-based stock screener created by founder Roy Heh as a synthesis of pricing methodologies he learned studying at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Seeing trends before they start

By 2018, the series of models coalesced into the second-gen pricing algorithm that projected equity price based on the aforementioned screener data. While the product was informative, one observation gnawed at Roy – the bot’s predictions could not be easily explained to others. 

Expanding the team

Han (Chicago Booth alumnus) and Jordan (Bain Capital alumnus) joined the founding team with Roy in November 2019. Despite it seeming obvious that investments should be explainable, the AIDVP team found it troubling that everyday investors are increasingly explaining investments as combinations of numbers and trends divorced from features like competitors, risks, and strategy which should implicitly affect equity value. This realization is what led Roy to steer the firm in its current direction. 

The new NLP AI engine

AIDVP’s third-generation product is a natural language processing (NLP) engine trained to categorize statements within literary sources. The team embedded a version of the NLP engine trained to identify financial tactics within the bounds of acceptable accounting rules in common equity filings and investor calls. As the AIDVP team would describe, none of what the companies are doing is inherently illegal, much of it may not be apparent in conventional financial metrics, but all of it is important clues revealing the real health of a company.

Armed with ways to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate companies, all that remained was sharing its insights with the world. In 2021, AIDVP built QuiverTrees on iOS as a way for groups of friends, family, and mentors to discuss investments together. Through QuiverTrees, individual investors can record, share, and discuss notes and information collected about companies. If that sounds familiar, it is because financial institutions have been following this framework for a very long time.

Birth of the mobile app

AIDVP knows QuiverTrees can change how investments are made by making individuals more aware of why and what they are investing in. In Roy’s words, “good companies make good investments, but can be misunderstood at times.” While it’s hard for any single layman to know the ins and outs of investments. Collectively, there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom to make good decisions. As team AIDVP would put it, with QuiverTrees, individuals can “invest better together.”

QuiverTrees by AIDVP can be found on the Apple iOS AppStore. AIDVP is currently collaborating with public, private, and academic entities to accelerate the growth of QuiverTrees in Boston and beyond.

Join the Hub.

We believe investing better means understanding investments, and QuiverTrees tools can help you develop frameworks and habits for building investing conviction. Share and test your ideas. There is no reason you have to investigate the sea of news and information alone. Join mentors, family, and friends. Invest better together today!